Clearing on the Cloud platform offers one-stop solution to centrally clear both exchange traded and OTC derivatives on the same platform. Its multi-asset capabilities offers a standardized flexible interface for easy integration with both sell-side and buy-side systems. As the platform is fully hosted on the cloud, brokers and the clients do not need to invest capital in building their infrastructure.

Multi-Asset Support

It is no more required to relay on disparate technical solutions for clearing different asset classes. Clearing on the Cloud is designed from ground up to support both LD and OTC instruments. Using its sophisticated rules engine, trade matching can be configured to meet your real world business requirements.

State of the art Technology

Dojima has applied years of experience gained in the front office computing into the world of clearing to come out with a high performance, distributed clearing system. Trades can be matched and cleared or given-out in milliseconds making it easy to meet demands of your growing trade volumes.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud base deployment model allows you to start using the platform without investing in large local IT infrastructure. The platform supports a number of APIs to make it easy to integrate existing FO and MO systems. Our 24*6 global service team takes care of maintenance, day to day support and other IT issues while letting you focus on the core business.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Built-in multi-asset support
  • Connectivity with global CCPs, SDRs, Credit Hubs and SEFs
  • Pre-clearing risk management
  • Configurable rules engine to auto match, affirm and clear trades
  • Allocations, Give-Ins, Give-Ups
  • Modern customizable GUI
  • Portal for external clients to monitor clearing status in real-time
  • Support of open protocols for integration, FIX 5.0/4.4, JSON API and flat file

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