Our Products and Advisory Services

Our Products and Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive electronic trading and clearing platforms that are custom fit for your business needs. These platforms are fully multi-asset and support several cross-asset capabilities. In addition to these platforms, we have various technology products that offer great value to our clients.

Our Products

Clearing on the Cloud

Our Clearing on the Cloud platform offers one-stop solution to centrally clear both exchange traded and OTC derivatives across global clearing houses supporting rates, credit, equities, FX and commodity asset classes. Details are available here.

Swaps Aggregator and Smart Order Router

Swaps Aggregator provides a single point access across execution venues for trading, pricing and static data. It offers a virtual market place by aggregating liquidity. The smart order router finds the right venue to get you the best prices. Details are available here.

Product Data Service

Our comprehensive real-time product data service consolidates data for both cash and derivative instruments across trading venues. They include bonds, futures, IRS, CDS, swap futures, precious metals and more. In addition to being the single source for data, it provides real-time access (using APIs, frontend, databases or downloads). One unique feature of our offering is the normalized product identification of IRS instruments across SEFs and CCPs.

Exchange Connectivity

As part of our trading and clearing platforms, we have built a network that connects with global exchanges, clearing houses (CCPs), swap execution facilities (SEFs) and swap data repositories (SDRs). Our network can be accessed via our secured cloud to reduce cost (or) as a local install in client

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